Marbella, Spain

A very temporary job lead me to Marbella at the beginning of June. I had been to Costa del Sol once before as a fresh out of high school 18 year old. I could not tell you what city we stayed in, the whole thing being planned by my high school teacher and a travel company, but I do remember being right on the beach and a train ride away from Malaga.

This time around, I was staying in someone’s home just a short stroll to the beach and a 30 minute walk from Old Town Marbella. Although my stay was meant to be much longer, I am thankful that I missed the busy season and the heat. When I left it was relatively quiet for a touristy beach town and the temperatures were in the low 80s. As a pale, freckly, redhead, I’ve always been one to stay out of the sun, my limit being around an hour, so this trip definitely confirmed my suspicions that I will never be a beach bum. This Colorado girl will always prefer the mountains and trees!  

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